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Pocket Mouse Protector

1h 24m Comedy, Romance, Indie 2023

[Nudity] A double dose of a dick drug turns an inept straight guy into a passionate gay guy in this screwball comedy. Winner Best LGBT Feature

“Ridiculously in your face funny” “Perfect send-up of 1970s B movie classics” “Best comedy this year!”

Environmentalist Larry takes an experimental virility drug to woo back his wife Mary who’s having an affair with Barry who works for Thierry who plans to destroy the remaining habitat of the endangered pocket mouse.

Larry and Barry both take a double dose of the virility drug and when it makes them gay their entire world view changes. Barry resists and attempts ridiculous ‘conversion’ treatments; Larry discovers the joys of being a gay man.

They both get what they want in the end.

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Paul Bright






United States


Paul Bright Films