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Jack the Movie Cat, Qwerkiflix CEO speaks:

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Although my favorite film genre is Small Tasty Critters That Twitch, I love films that those dogs at the Other Streaming Sites reject because they are “too indie.”

My butler Paul and chauffeur Kolten created Qwerkiflix for indie filmmakers. They’ve had fan-favorite movies removed from the Netflix-Amazon-etc. catalogues because the films are too quirky. Qwerkiflix keeps their movies available to you and welcomes new indie films that the big dogs piss on.

Sometimes these movies are sensual or sensational. I’m not judgy, even though as a cat, it is my duty to be opinionated. You can read my Opinionated Movie Reviews here.

Enjoy the stories in these movies and welcome to Qwerkiflix.


P.S. Many of my feline brothers and sisters don’t have their own doormen or chauffeurs. And that is a tragedy. I donate food and necessities to a cat rescue charity. You can send care packages for less fortunate felines to Qwerkiflix PO Box 33181, Portland OR 97292 USA.